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Directly water cooled pivotal piston.

As heat is released during the combustion process, it enters the piston through its crown. The rate at which heat can be dissipated from a hot piston crown to the cylinder wall via the piston's skirt is limited. This causes the piston to expand. Consequently the piston requires sufficient clearance when it is cold in order to avoid seizure when it is hot.

The Pivotal Piston is not reliant on skirt/liner contact to carry heat from the piston. Heat is easily removed from the piston crown because the pivot shaft provides the entry and exit points for cooling water. Direct cooling allows the engine to be run at sustained high load.

The direct cooling can be engineered to any degree that is required. Unlike a conventional sliding piston which is reliant on a cooler cylinder to duct heat away from the piston skirt it is possible to run the Pivotal Piston at any temperature required, even at a lower temperature than the engine itself.

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